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Corporate plan

Being pregnant in the workplace can be hugely challenging, from both a mental and physical perspective. GROW is a corporate plan for businesses who are keen to support the health and wellbeing of their employees during this time, which can in turn benefit the needs of the business.


Investing in a corporate coaching plan can result in:

Tick mark for improved employee health and wellbeing.
Tick mark for reduced employee sick days.
Tick mark for decreased stress and burnout in the workplace.
Tick mark for increased productivity among employees.
Tick mark for enhanced job satisfaction.
Tick mark for improved staff retention rates.

Improved employee health and wellbeing


Reduced sick days

Decreased stress and burnout

Increased productivity 

Enhanced job satisfaction


Improved staff retention

I offer a range of corporate services including one-to-one employee coaching packages, talks, and workshops. If you would like to find out whether these services would be the right fit for your business, please get in touch.

Professional woman at desk with laptop, exemplifying corporate wellness in the workplace.
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