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This page provides the details of other businesses that can provide you with further support throughout your pregnancy journey and beyond. 

Birthright Hypnobirthing logo with a serene hummingbird, symbolizing peaceful and natural birthing experiences.

Birth Right Hypnobirthing

Your Midwives logo featuring a sprouting leaf, representing growth and care in midwifery services.

Your Midwives

Your Midwives are a partnership of two experienced midwives passionate about providing evidence-based, tailored midwifery care. We want families to feel empowered, supported and have the best information possible at their fingertips throughout their pregnancy, birth, and post-birth journey. 

The Fertility Suite logo in elegant typography on a neutral background, representing holistic fertility and pregnancy service

The Fertility Suite

You may feel anxious, overwhelmed and confused with trying to get pregnant. You might feel like not enough has been done to work out why you are struggling to get or stay pregnant. We know this because we were there too!

Whether you are trying naturally, having fertility treatment, or suffering with unexplained infertility or recurrent losses, its a tough road to travel alone. We know fertility acupuncture, reflexology, nutrition, and functional medicine can make a big difference to both your journey and your outcome.

Using our NOURISH Fertility plans and experience, we will show you how together, we can improve your fertility. If things have gotten complex and you feel like you have lost your way, we will also show you how to navigate the pitfalls and regain control, something we have helped many women with. 

Book a free 15-minute fertility consultation with us here and we can talk over your circumstances and how we can help. 

Rise & Glow logo with a warm gradient sunrise motif, symbolizing vitality and wellness.

Rise & Glow Births

Rise & Glow Births is here to transform your pregnancy and get you feeling confident and prepared for the best day of your life... your baby's birth! Our five-star rated Group Hypnobirthing Courses run regularly at various venues in South East London, with bespoke Private 1:1 Birth Preparation coaching and Online Hypnobirthing Workshops also available. Our mission is to help you enjoy a glowing pregnancy, a positive birth, and the best possible start to parenthood.

Bloomwell clients can enjoy an exclusive 15% off all Rise & Glow Hypnobirthing classes by using discount code “BLOOM”.

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