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Health coaching for women before, during, and after pregnancy

Whether you’re struggling to eat healthily, maintain an exercise routine, or get a good night's sleep, my aim is to support you in achieving your health and wellbeing goals.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re lacking the motivation and drive to make the healthy changes you desire

You’ve been making changes but are finding it hard to make your new habits stick

You’re struggling to prioritise yourself and your own needs

You’re in need of accountability and support

Tick mark for boosting motivation and drive for healthy changes in pregnancy.
Check icon representing persistence in forming lasting healthy habits.
Positive mark affirming the prioritization of personal health needs.
Tick symbol for the value of accountability and support in pregnancy wellness.

Hi, I'm Dr Lauren Rockliffe

I’m a Chartered, HCPC-registered Health Psychologist and Pregnancy Health Coach. I provide one-to-one health coaching for women, supporting them to make healthy lifestyle changes at any stage throughout their pregnancy journey.

Using a combination of therapeutic approaches and health coaching techniques, I help women to gain clarity on their goals and values, develop their confidence, increase their motivation, and improve their sense of physical and mental wellbeing. 


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Work with me

Hand resting by coffee cup on a desk, denoting a focused, commitment-free health coaching session.


A single 90-minute health coaching session, designed to provide a boost of focus and motivation without any commitment

Reflective moment for a thoughtful woman with a drink, symbolizing self-care and wellness focus.


A 3-month health coaching package designed to provide ongoing support and accountability 



A corporate health coaching plan for businesses passionate about supporting their employee’s health and wellbeing

Visit the online store

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Gift vouchers

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Printable worksheets

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Digital workbooks


I really enjoyed working with


Lauren is supportive, patient, and empathetic. She has helped me to open up in our health coaching sessions and find the answers to problems I have been experiencing in my life. From this, she has helped me to set clear goals for myself and find positive ways to achieve them. 


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